Project Structure

Coordination (UNIFE) NRG Needs (IZT) Training and Dissemination (UIC)
1.1 Energy Data and Scenarios 1.2 Energy Efficiency Needs and Framework Influence 1.3 KPI Definition 1.4 Requirements Baseline and Use Cases Training
NRG Efficiency Management (UIC)
2.1 Railenergy Global Model 2.2 CE Test Cycles for Energy Determination 2.4 Decision Support Tool: Configurator and Analyser/Evaluator 2.5 System Validation and Operational Evaluation
2.3 Energy Efficient Operation: Eco-driving and EE Timetabling 2.6 Strategic and Business Evaluation
NRG Trackside (RFI) NRG Components (Bombardier) NRG Traction (Siemens) NRG Topologies (AnsaldoBreda)
3.1 Trackside Modelling 4.1 Basic Storage Components 5.1 Analysing and Modelling 6.1 Simulation for Onboard Integration
3.2 Trackside components 4.2 Re-use of Waste Heat 5.2 Superconducting Transformers 6.2 Efficient Onboard Traction
3.3 New Architectures 4.3 Eco-driving Metering and DMI 5.3 Medium Frequency Distribution 6.3 Architecture of Onboard Auxiliaries
    5.4 Hybrid DE Propulsion 6.4 Cooling Circuits

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