NRG-Needs (Energy Needs and Key Performance Indicators Definition)

SP leader: IZT

The scope of this subproject is the set of railway energy efficiency needs and related key performance indicators able to define the energy requirements and to evaluate and compare the technical and economic performances of the current and new technological/technical solutions to reduce energy consumption.

NRG-Efficiency Management

SP leader: UIC

The scope of this subproject is the integrated management and operation framework based on which Railenergy solutions would be assessed on a system level according to the key performance indicators and use cases defined in NRG-Needs. NRG-Efficiency Management will provide the comprehensive framework for a new re-integrated system approach to energy efficiency, which has been lacking due to the increasing fragmentation in the rail sector in the last decades.


SP leader: RFI

The railway electric traction system (from external feeding points to the train current collector, track side) constitutes a critical part of the global energy system. The energy saving potential related to the distribution system could be realized by reducing transmission losses, recovering energy, optimizing the process or potentially upgrading and renewing the infrastructure. This subproject will look at both the existing systems (no modification to the train feeding voltage) and innovative systems (with adoption of new architectures including modification of the train feeding voltage).


SP leader: Bombardier

The purpose of this subproject is to evaluate the options for railway vehicles equipped with electric or diesel-electric drives, and to evaluate the potential contribution to be made by improved energy storage, waste heat recycling and driving style management systems to reducing the energy consumption. The possibilities to level out the differences in energy consumption among different drivers, using so called eco-driving techniques, will also be explored.


SP leader: Siemens

A more efficient on-board generation and distribution represents a significant contribution to the overall energy efficiency of a transport system. The subproject will be focused on the major components, related to generation and distribution: innovative generator, traction motor and main transformer solutions.

NRG-Topologies (Optimisation of electrical equipment topologies)

SP leader: Ansaldo Breda

A more efficient on board management of energy on board represents a significant contribution to the overall energy efficiency of a transport system. The subproject will be focused on the management of all the major equipment, related to the complete power train, auxiliary systems and cooling devices.

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